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25 O_Care After Sport Top to Toe Shampoo 500ml

After Sport Top to Toe Shampoo


Natural plant ingredients can clean off bacteria and dirt on the skin. Containing pure natural essence which is gentle to the skin. Act as a layer of natural protective film to protect the skin from a polluted environment while moisturizing skin. Purify skin to stay healthy and radiant. Suitable for both hair and body use.

Clean & freshAntiseptic & anti-inflammatoryStop Body Odor
27 O_Care Passionate Rose Body Shampoo 500ml

Passionate Rose Body Shampoo


100% natural ingredients with moisturizing formulation to clean while hydrating the skin. A non-stickiness texture that leave your skin smooth and fresh. Pamper your body with the essence of rose that nourishes every inch of your skin.

Moisturizing the skinBalance skin ph valueAntioxidant
29 O_Care Silky Moist Body Shampoo 500ml

Silky Moist Body Shampoo


Using a unique formulation that contains rosemary. Provide instant moisturizing which able to keep the skin moist and tender while improving skin dehydration problem at the same time. Rich foam with a touch of natural scent, a gentle formulation for the skin to stay moisturized.

Rehydrate & nourish the skinPrevent skin aging
26 O_Care Baby Love Top to Toe Shampoo 500ml

Baby Love Top to Toe Shampoo


100% pure natural organic extract, anti-sensitive, leave no burden to the skin while cherishing your baby from head to toe. Leave the baby’s skin silky smooth and protect the baby from heavy chemical components. An intimate care to every inch of skin.

NaturalMild Smooth & Supple Suitable for sensitive skin
28 O_Care Relaxation Body Shampoo 500ml

Relaxation Body Shampoo


It contains chamomile and other rich herbal ingredients; relax your mind after a long day. Effectively relieve skin fatigue, to calm the soul and improve sleeping quality. Recharge and revitalize while you enjoy the bath.

RelaxSoothe the skin Suitable for sensitive skin Anti-fatigue


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